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Contract packing, processing, chopping and mixing…

Petrow Food Industries has got dried fruits sliced and diced and a whole lot more

Petrow Food Industries

Petrow offers customers in the retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors a complete range of processing, including pasting, chopping, laser scanner cleaning, mixing and packing services, as well as bespoke orders. Production takes place in an allergen-free and organic-approved environment.

All raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers. However Petrow can also add further value with additional inspection and cleaning for its customers.

Customers can supply products to be processed or use Petrow’s own stocks.


Petrow has an automated mixing and blending line which can mix and blend cereals, muesli, fruit and nuts in accordance with customers specific requirements already including a number of leading branded and own label suppliers.

Contract Packing

Contract packing is an integral part of Petrow Food Industries’ business. It packs ambient products for leading UK supermarket brands and own label brands as well as wholesale customers in the UK and overseas.

Small packs of up to 500g are packed using Ishida multi-head weighing machines. It can also pack larger weights by machine, or can pack up to 25 kg by hand.

The packing styles available are:
Pillow Packs; Bag-in-a-box; Stabilo/ Quad Bags; Block Bottomed; Plastic Tubs; Lined Cartons; Paper Sacks (heat sealed or stitched)

Quality Control

All products are rigorously quality controlled and certified to BRC Global Food Standard which is a bench mark for good manufacturing in the Food Industry. All products supplied are fully traceable back to origin.


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