Petrow Foods


October 2013

Petrow Foods Group has acquired Quality Kernels, specialists in trading and processing nuts and seeds, from the Zubrance Group.  The acquisition means that the Petrow Foods Group is able to offer customers a complete package of trading and processing coconut, dates and dried fruit, as well as trading and processing nuts and seeds.

Ian Tatchell, managing director: “We’ve found that our dried fruit customers are often also responsible for buying nuts and seeds, and vice versa, so we’re pleased that through the acquisition of Quality Kernels we are now able to source and supply both.  This acquisition increases our product portfolio and gives the Petrow Foods Group a more comprehensive offering.”

Following the Quality Kernels acquisition the Petrow Foods Group is commencing a total rebranding initiative; over the coming few months the group will be investing in personnel, training, telephone and computer systems, and refreshing its website.

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